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Make It Your Own

You have the freedom to customize a wide range floor plans to suit your needs. Want to move a wall or change the size? ABC Building Systems will work with you to create a home that's unique to your family. Choose between full log, hybrid, clapboard or timber home.

Energy Efficient

Building log homes and cabin kits from Northern White Cedar, one of nature's best woods and R-value, saves you money on heating/cooling cost.

Lower Maintenance

Cedar is more resistant to rot, aging and insects. Leaving you time for everything else in life.

Quality Construction

Ensuring you a tighter, lasting fit, protecting you from the outside elements. Caulking the exterior of your home assures you that your investment is sealed and protected from Mother Nature allowing no air or water infiltration and the peace of mind that you can see for yourself.

Explore the benefits of our cedar log homes

We partner with Ward Cedar Log Homes to create houses that are:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Stylish
Do you have questions about our methods or materials? Call 862-268-1097 now to set up a free consultation about cedar log homes in Branchville or Lafayette, NJ.

ABC Building Systems is proud to offer Ward Cedar Log Homes to the Tri-State Area.

Whether it's a home you are building for a growing family, cabin in the woods, or retirement home, you'll feel confident knowing that every Ward home has been designed and engineered over the years to achieve lasting beauty and strength.


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4. Installation

Our expert craftsmen will install the products to their proper specifications.

5. Completion

We thoroughly clean the job site following installation, and do a walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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